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'Lunchtime Learning!'
A monthly lecture series on different Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, and Qigong topics.

Have a topic you want to know more about? Let me know!

Lunchtime Learning! • FEBRUARY 11, 2022

11 am - 1 pm Eastern Time

Navigating in Woods

Working with Destiny: Feng Shui & the Nine Palaces

The Nine Palaces of Classical Chinese Medicine are the "life lessons" that each person must engage in to manifest their life's Destiny and achieve enlightenment. The Compass and Form schools of Feng Shui align these Palaces with the physical construction of homes and work places to set intention and support the individual's journey. Join the fun to learn the basics of the Nine Palaces, the Ba Gua tool, and some easy design tips to encourage your own growth and potential!


Lunchtime Learning! • MARCH 11, 2022

11 am - 1 pm Eastern Time

All Hands In

Supporting the Soul

Chinese Medicine recognizes FIVE different aspects of the soul, each with their own attributes, skill-sets, and organ system alignments. Learn about each part, how they work together as an effortless team, where you might be struggling, and how to best support yourself with dietary tips, proper timing for rest and activity, and even some color suggestions from Feng Shui design. 


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