In a world of mud,
seek the Lotus.

The healing journey can seem overwhelming, especially at the start. An Integrative Chinese and Western medicine approach from a seasoned practitioner means that you are getting the 'best of both worlds' for your care. With 15 years of experience prioritizing excellent healthcare and client comfort, the amazing diversity of the human experience - race, gender expression, sexual orientation, religious tradition, relationship structure, etc. - are embraced here with LOVE and respect... Welcome!

About Catherine

Healer   •   Teacher   •   Author

Dr. Catherine Lumenello is a Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner, Qigong and Feng Shui Master, nationally certified and licensed to practice Acupuncture since 2005. As a general family practitioner, Catherine feels most adept working with emotional stress and trauma recovery, chronic pain, digestion, autoimmune concerns, and reproductive health. By integrating western and eastern medicine concepts, her 'whole life' holistic healing approach encourages long-term wellness.

Catherine teaches weekly Qigong classes, lectures on Chinese Medicine topics nationwide, is the author-illustrator of Gender & Sexuality in Chinese Medicine (2019), and recently completed the Doctor of Acupuncture in Integrative Medicine (2021). 


Outside the office Catherine is devoted to daily snuggles with her daughter and long walks with her dog. From April - October she can also be found on her motorcycle, taking advantage of Vermont's twisty roads...

Fall Leaves

Catherine is a Healing Angel.

~ JB (HIV management)

Catherine encourages blending Eastern and Western medicine for chronic medical concerns - getting the best of both worlds to truly and effectively achieve healing for the mind, body and spirit. Catherine is the best!

~ JG (stress & digestion)

Catherine saved our daughter's life, pulling her back from the brink of death. God works through her, and we are all blessed for it.

~ DP (post-surgery complications)​

Thank you Catherine, for being such a extraordinary Teacher, Guide, Healer, and Friend.​​

~ CE (thyroid, immune)


"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."
~ Laozi


One-on-one and small group mentoring sessions are perfect for colleagues, students and anyone that wants to learn more about Chinese Medicine, eastern philosophy, holistic healing, or integrative thinking at a whole new level.


Whatever you bring to the table - questions about theory and philosophy, difficult cases, practice management, etc. - these sessions are designed to help reclaim, re-inspire, and find solid ground in the practice.


So pour the tea, and get ready to laugh as we deep dive together. My hands, heart, and brain are here to help.

Qigong Instruction

Qigong is an ancient practice of mindful breath and movement that encourages optimal health through body-mind-spirit alignment.

There are hundreds of ancient and contemporary Qigong forms. In weekly classes, movements are chosen based on student needs; the only requirements are a sense of humor and comfortable clothes!


Private instruction for meditation or to get deeper assistance in unwinding chronic health concerns is always available.

Meditation by the Sea

Health & Healing

The techniques of Chinese Medicine are many, but they all focus on whole person healing. Acupuncture, physical touch, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, Qigong movements, gemstones, essential oils and more create a multi-faceted health and wellness approach. Chinese Medicine is adept at stabilizing and turning around chronic and stubborn ailments, as well early detection and prevention of serious health concerns.


When used in collaboration with allopathic medical care, you can rest assured that you are getting the 'best of both worlds.'

Zen Stones


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