Services: Qigong Instruction

Qigong uses breath, intention, and simple movement to encourage smooth energetic flow throughout the body and bring harmony to the entire body-mind-spirit. Reduced stiffness/tension with increased flexibility and emotional stability are the most common initial effects. Regular practice helps increase general vitality and one's awareness of universal rhythms. As a Daoist tradition, the ultimate goal of any Qigong practice is the gradual realignment with one’s natural, pre-destined path.


Fun and easy to practice, Qigong is safe for all health conditions and abilities.

The only requirements are an open mind, an inquisitive heart, and comfortable clothes. 


For those that wish to develop a daily practice of mindful meditation and movement, your specific health concerns and current goals are addressed through a custom 20 - 30 minute routine of moving, seated, and/or laying postures for at-home practice. Best for chronic issues of physical pain or exhaustion, emotional concerns (stress, anxiety, etc.), and spiritual matters (self-knowledge, self-acceptance), an individual program is designed for your comfort, making it almost effortless to accomplish!


First Private Instruction: 75 - 90 minutes               $ 150.00

Follow-Up Private Instruction: 50 minutes                100.00

Off-site Instruction at your home/office              add 50.00

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Short-series intensives and one-day workshops can be geared towards specific health concerns (such as back pain, pregnancy, etc.) or offer an opportunity to “dive in” deeply and quickly to a particular Qigong form. Emphasis is always placed on the playful exploration of body and spirit through Qigong, and participants typically report feeling more focused, re-energized, and motivated in their lives.

Forms may include Five Animal Frolics, Healing Sounds & Colors, Hun Yuan Gong, Laying/Napping Postures, Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, and Silk-reeling.

Contact Catherine directly to arrange this opportunity!

I hear and I forget, 

I see and I remember. 

I do -

and I understand.


~ Kongfuzi




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