Services: Lectures & Consulting

Businesses and individuals thrive when inspiration is prioritized. Daoist philosophy can shed new light on personal health issues, client retention strategies, relationship dynamics, and more. With over ten years lecturing across the nation on the applications of Feng Shui, Qigong, and Chinese Medicine to the healthcare field, as well as consulting with private businesses and  individuals, put my expertise to work for YOU.


Lectures are available to the general public, Chinese Medicine practitioners, and other Healthcare professionals. Some of the topics I present on include:

- The Yin-Yang of Gender

- The Energetics of Healthy Sex

- Feng Shui for (better) Homes and Small Business

- Medical Qigong: Diagnostics, Treatment options

- "Alternative" Lifestyle: Kink, Polyamory, LGBTQ, and more

- Possession: Ghosts, Demons, and other Invaders

- Emotional Health: Shame, Guilt, Secrecy, and Denial


• General Business: Marketing, Website, Product Design

Whether you are starting a business model from scratch or re-focusing on new objectives, we can evaluate marketing and  giving you the necessary information to let your business thrive. With mindful attention to artistic design, body-mind-spirit cohesion, and Eastern philosophies, beauty and intention can be seamlessly combined to bring your business to the next level and firmly establish the success of your brand.  

• Professional Office & Treatment Spaces

Feng Shui encourages greater harmony, efficiency, wellness, and prosperity by identifying barriers that contribute to various problems, including interrelationship difficulties, poor performance, and illness. With extensive experience in design and general contracting, we can work with your existing space or examine building plans to find elegant solutions with your architect or contractor.

• Industry: Clients, Employees, Patients

Working with others inevitably involves excellent communication skills, personal flexibility, and conflict resolution. Daoist philosophy about personality matching can help foster and maintain great relationships with many different types of people, as well as identify temperaments that simply will not agree. Healthcare professionals can also get assistance with specific patient files to strategize various treatment options.


Off-Site Consulting: via Skype, etc.*      $ 150.00 per hour

On-Site Consulting                                  200.00 per hour


- Additional fees may apply for extensive travel.

- Cash, check, and credit card are accepted. Advance payment is always welcome.

- A non-refundable credit card deposit equivalent to one hour is required to book your appointment.

See the Cancellation Policy for information regarding rescheduling to avoid loss of deposit.

* Off-site Commercial: Conversations held via telephone, cell phone, internet, email, and/or fax are inherently non-confidential and are used by both parties with the full understanding of risk. Liability for any breach in privacy that may occur while using these devices will not be assumed by this office or practitioner.

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