Services: Residential Feng Shui

 Imagine a home that feels calm and comfortable.

An environment that supports clear thinking and communication.

Bedrooms where sleep is easy, and dreams are soothing.

This is ALL possible.

Feng Shui translates as "wind-water," a term meant to illustrate the powerful, constant moving flow of energy through any given environment. A Feng Shui Consultation spent in your home or pouring over your architectural plans evaluates the interactions of geography, architecture, spatial placement, color, and shape to ensure that environmental factors do not adversely impact physical health or personal relationships

On site, we begin with a brief conversation to expose problem areas and identify current goals. Then we walk the entire house together, using Ba Gua, Five Element, and Intuitive Feng Shui practices to identify furniture, artwork, plants, objects, and colors that will support the desired changes. Architectural plans can be reviewed in-person or long-distance. A written plan is developed to cover any further recommendations, and follow-up questions are encouraged to ensure easy transitions.


By creating greater harmony and flow with easy, cost-effective changesFeng Shui Consultations are incredibly invigorating. Clients always report feeling empowered and inspired to take charge of not just their home, but also their lives!

RESIDENTIAL RATE     $150.00 per hour

- Average size homes are typically 2.5 - 4 hours. 

- Please discuss your project via email or phone for a cost estimate.

- Additional fees may apply for extensive travel or additional structures.


- Cash, check, and credit card are accepted. Advance payment is always welcome.

- A $150.00 non-refundable credit card deposit is required to book your appointment.

- See the Cancellation Policy for information regarding rescheduling to avoid loss of deposit.


He is the happiest, 

be he king or peasant, 

who finds peace 

in his HOME.

~ Goethe



Feng Shui


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