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Services: Long-Distance "Whole Life" Healing

Everyone deserves excellent care for the body, mind, and spirit, no matter where you live! For those that can't get to Southern Vermont, there's no need to leave your office, house – or car! These intimate, one-on-one, heart-to-heart sessions are done from wherever YOU find yourself, offering you the opportunity to embrace your next steps with conviction, a sense of belonging, and a healthy dose of hope.


So, what are you looking to CHANGE?

Physical health?

Emotional well-being?

Intimate relationships?

Business or employee concerns?

Seeking a new sense of purpose?
Bring it ALL to the table for a mindful, laughter-filled, life-affirming discussion.


 Get a fresh perspective on an area where you feel 'STUCK'

• Perfect for addressing a specific concern: i.e., health, relationship, business, or study

• Includes an email follow-up with specific steps to boldly move forward

• AND another 4 WEEKS of 'fine-tuning' as thing start to change!

Regular fee: $250.00 


Get THREE months of sessions to enact some BIG life changes!

• Designed to reshape old patterns and address multiple areas simultaneously

Includes an immediate email follow-up to outline the overall plan 

• AND up to 12 WEEKS of 'fine-tuning' to ENSURE SUCCESS!

Regular fee: $600.00 – that’s $150.00 off!


LOVE to the MAX

A 12-session series to sequentially address ALL areas of your life in alignment with universal forces and plenty of awesome support!

 • Schedule sessions anytime over the course of one year 

Includes emails between sessions to help TOTALLY ROCK your life goals!

• Includes an EXTRA 6 WEEKS of follow-up SOUL LOVING after the series ends 

Regular rate: $2500.00 - you save $500.00!  



- Each session is approximately 50 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for connection issues.

- Series sessions (3 or 12) must be paid in FULL prior to the first session.

- Paperwork will be sent with your appointment confirmation. An invoice will be sent at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Both paperwork & payment must be received 24 hours in advance or the appointment will be cancelled.

- See the Cancellation Policy for information regarding rescheduling to avoid fees.

The journey

of a thousand miles

begins with

a single step.​

~ Laozi

Start now!


to start

your path to SUCCESS!