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Daoist Design for Home & Office

Bold or bright?

Classy or sassy?

Any way you want it, it will feel amazing.

Combining an extensive background in Art & Design with the Feng Shui principles of elemental balance, creates environments that are not only beautiful but can support your well-being for years to come.

Looking over architect plans and design choices online, or walking the site in person to pick the right paint colors for each space - no matter how we work together, your health and happiness is the priority.

New Project Consultation

A consult provides the opportunity to thoroughly discuss your project. Come prepared with any architect plans, links to products, proposed color palette - whatever inspires you! In 90 minutes, most small projects (1 room, office, studio apartment, etc) are typically finished during this time. For larger projects (whole house, large business, etc), we will cover as much territory as possible with a follow-up proposal to address any remaining details.

Grape Vine over Wooden Door


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