Health & Healing
Zen Stones

NEW Client Consultation

Start your healing journey here! In this thorough in-person visit, current complaints and medical history are discussed, followed by an initial diagnostic treatment to determine a starter plan based on your goals.


In-office Treatment

Acupuncture, Cupping, Essential Oils, Moxa, Qigong, and Tuina are combined into a custom treatment for your health concerns. For those that have already completed a Consultation.

$100 - 150

ONLINE Consultation

This 60+ minute session covers all the basics of current complaints and medical history, with a follow-up email to review the suggestions discussed for your starter plan.

Follow-up with your local provider - additional $50.


Functional Lab Assessment

This review of recent labs looks for the 'red flags' of active disease, and any 'less-than-ideal' functioning to ensure your health is right on track! Can be combined with a Consultation or Treatment.


Qigong Instruction
Meditation by the Sea

60 Minutes of

Private Instruction

Deepen your practice in Qigong with a 1 hour private session. For NEW students, this includes a full review of goals, health issues, the development of a starter routine, and a short time to practice together.


Open to new and returning students.


Meditation by the Sea

30 Minutes of

Private Instruction

A 30 minute one-on-one session allows for brief review of goals and current practice, along with time to adjust the routine OR practice time to review movements and dive deeper into the postures.

Designed for returning students only.


Park in the Fall


6 Wednesdays

Jack O' Lanterns

October 13 - November 17, 2021

9:30 - 10:30 am Eastern (6:30 - 7:30 am Pacific)


Weekly classes are designed for beginning - intermediate students, using blended Qigong styles focused on seasonal health. We start this class in late AUTUMN and wrap it up in early WINTER according to the lunar calendar, so we'll start with exercises focused on the Metal Element and it's process of refinement and letting go through Crane Frolics, healing the Lungs, and shedding sorrow and grief. Then we will shift to build inner fire and Water-Yang energy to combat fear, and keep us warm all winter long with Bear Frolics and special attention to the spine, bones, and Kidneys.

Open to new and returning students of ALL abilities!

Sliding scale

for the series

$100 - 150


Grab the Pot!

FULL Session

Pour the tea and settle in for a full hour of laughter-filled discussion on any topic in Chinese Medicine, Qigong, or Feng Shui. Best for healthcare practitioners and students that are looking to dive deep into the rabbit hole!


Just One Cup!

SHORT Session

Pick any topic you are interested in learning more about for this 30 minute session - you'll be surprised how much we can cover in a short time! Open to ALL - including those with little / NO background in Chinese Medicine.