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Classical Chinese Medicine focuses on resolving the underlying roots of physical and emotional ailments to provide long-lasting results for hundreds of health issues. Treatments are custom-designed for each person, blending Acupuncture, Cupping, Herbal Medicine, Medical Qigong, Tuina and other techniques. Pediatric and adult clients are welcome, needle-free treatments are always an option, and Long-Distance Consultations are available to those outside southern Vermont as well! 

Humans are always adapting to seasonal shifts, environmental changes, emotions, and injury, so the "balance" of our internal landscape is constantly re-adjusting. Regardless of the cause, symptoms will always appear once the balance tips too far off-center. Classical Chinese Medicine offers a safe, comprehensive healthcare system that addresses the root of any ailment through ancient and scientifically-proven techniques.

To ease back toward health, balance is encouraged, never forced. Your treatment schedule is recommended based on symptoms, duration of condition, and personal comfort. As a general rule, pediatric and acute adult conditions typically resolve in 2 - 6 visits. Chronic, auto-immune, or hormone-related conditions may require 2 - 6 months of regular treatment with a maintenance schedule to follow. Chinese Herbs, Dietary, Qigong, and other at-home suggestions promote faster healing and keep overall costs low. Many Vermonters also qualify for Financial Assistance Discounts


Comprehensive First Visit: Interview & Treatment       $150.00 - 200.00

Regular Appointments: one modality                                      100.00

Regular Appointments: two modalities                                    130.00

Maintenance (bi-monthly - quarterly)                                       150.00


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Comprehensive First Visit (Interview & Treatment)       $ 90.00 - 140.00

Regular Appointments: depend on time used                40.00 - 100.00



Herbal / Gemstone Consultation                             $ 50.00 - 100.00


• In honor of other client's health concerns, do not wear fragrance / perfume to this office.

• Treatment sessions should be relaxing - not stressful - and Acupuncture needles should not cause pain. If something does not feel right, inform your practitioner immediately. 

• Be sure to eat and drink the day of any treatment session. Although rare, Acupuncture can cause "needle shock" symptoms (dizziness, extreme fatigue, fainting / loss of consciousness) with malnourishment or dehydration. 

• Rates listed above apply to most 'pay at time of service' clients. There are special circumstances where increased fees occur.

• Cash, check, and credit card are accepted. Advance payment is always welcome.

• Payment, Cancellation, and Confidentiality information can be found in Office Policies



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"Catherine encourages blending Eastern and Western medicine for chronic medical concerns - getting the best of both worlds to truly and effectively achieve healing for the mind, body and spirit. Catherine is the best!"

~ Joni

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